The Argentine Commission on the Outer Limit of the Continental Shelf (COPLA) is very pleased to invite you to the International Workshop “Seabed and Subsoil: the Continental Shelf and the Area”, to be held in Buenos Aires from October 5^th to 7^th , 2011.

This Workshop aims at providing a forum for discussion in order to exchange points of view and information on technical and legal matters related to the seabed and subsoil. National and foreign experts from different States and organizations involved in geological, geophysical, hydrographic, legal and economic issues related to the outer limit of the continental shelf and the exploitation and conservation of the resources of the seabed and subsoil are invited to participate in this Workshop.

The following general topics will be address:

· The Outer Limit of the Continental Shelf: Sharing Experiences and New Developments

· The Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf: its Work and current Workload

· Resources of the Seabed and Subsoil

· The Role of the International Seabed Authority and its Challenges for the Future

Should you be interested in submitting a paper or a poster, please send your proposal by e-mail to <> before February 28^th 2011, so that it may be evaluated by the Organizing Committee. Please, bear in mind that only a limited number of presentations will be accepted, so the refusal of a presentation does not prejudice about its academic quality.

Vacancies are limited. Further information on the Seminar will be provided by March 2011.