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IGU Moscow Regional Conference, 17-21.08.15

Call for Session Proposals for the IGU Commission on Political Geography

IGU Regional Conference in Moscow, Russia 17-22 August 2015 http://www.igu2015.ru/

Conference theme: Geography, Culture and Society for Our Future Earth

The Regional Conference of the International Geographer's Union (IGU) will take place in Moscow next summer for the third time since the international Geographical Congress of 1976, when over 2,000 participants from around the world gathered in the Soviet capital for lectures, discussions, workshops and excursions. The pace of global change has since accelerated in directions that once seemed unimaginable. The 2015 Regional Conference will be an opportunity to reflect upon these changes as well as the future course of human civilisation in relation to pressing socio-environmental challenges.

IGU Moscow 2015 will focus on five main themes: Urban Environment, Polar Studies, Climate Change, Global Conflict and Regional Sustainability.

The organising committee for the International Geographical Union Regional Conference in Moscow is accepting proposals for sessions until 15 October 2014. Sessions can take the following forms: 1) plenary sessions, 2) commission and task force sessions, 3) thematic sessions.

Thematic sessions may be organized by conference participants to gather experts specialized in a particular research topic in order to discuss selected research issues. You may also organize workshops and special sessions for young scholars and university teachers, school geography teachers and students. When submitting a session proposal, please include the session type, name of the proposed chairperson, and a brief paragraph to outline the topic.

If you are interested in organizing a thematic (or other) session, you will need to complete a session proposal form (see attached or click on this link: http://www.igu2015.ru/index.php?r=36) and submit it to the organisers by 15 October 2014.

The IGU Commission on Political Geography would like to invite you to submit a proposal under the Commission, or jointly with another Commission. As the proposals for Commission sessions are to be ultimately vetted by the relevant Commission, please contact the Commission to coordinate efforts. Discuss your proposal with and/or submit your form to Virginie Mamadouh at v.d.mamadouh@uva.nl and/or Takashi Yamazaki at yamataka@lit.osaka-cu.ac.jp , as early as possible and no later than Friday 10 October.

For more information about the IGU 2015 Regional Conference, please refer to the conference website: http://www.igu2015.ru

IGU-CPG also sponsors a post-conference in Kaliningrad. Details will follow soon.


Moscow 2010 Papers

Please find attached the papers presented at RC 41 Conference in Moscow 2010. You can fin find more information on the event here http://rc41.ipsa.org/pages/2010-Moscow

Igor Okunev Centripetal and Centrifugal Forces in the Geopoltical Structure of the World

Centripetal and Centrifugal Forces

Nikola Zeljković Clash of interests on Balkans between USA, Russia, Turkey and the EU


Artyom Lukin Balance of Power in Northeast Asia: A Case for Stability

Northeast Asia

Alexandra Shapovalova Asymmetric Balance of Power in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe

Sona Margaryan EU Conflict Resolution Policy in the South Caucasus:Paying for Security vs. Manipulation for Influence

South Caucasus

George-Vadim Tiugea Perspectives of the Balance of Power in Eastern Europe at the Beginning of the 21st Century

Eastern Europe 2

Dimitris Rapidis From Global to Regional Hegemony: The Geopolitical Triangle of Russia, Turkey, and Iran in the Caspian Sea and Middle East Region

Russia, Turkey, Iran

Peter Casny From Global Contest over International Coordination in Energy Security – European policy between geopolitics and multilateral governance

European Energy Security