The Institute of Federalism is pleased to announce the call for applications for its annual International Summer University which is in its 23rd year and the Internship Programme in Federalism.

The Summer University is a 3 week course from August 22 to September 9, 2011 and provides participants with a unique opportunity to learn and experience the current state of scholarship and practice in the area of federalism, decentralisation and conflict resolution. The Summer University is aimed at advanced students of law, political science, economics, journalism or related disciplines (with at least four years of University level studies) and young professionals keen to improve their knowledge of federalism, decentralisation and conflict resolution.

The Internship Programme for young professionals in Federalism gives young people the chance to experience multicultural Swiss federalism firsthand by gaining an insight in the world of cantonal authorities for 6 weeks (from 12 September until 21 October 2011). The Internship Programme is aimed at persons from developing/transition countries having successfully completed the Institute of Federalism’s International Summer University (2011 or previous Summer Universities).

Deadline for applications for both programmes: 30 April 2011

The Institute of Federalism, founded in 1984, has established itself as a centre of competence renowned worldwide in the field of federalism, state organization, democracy and human rights. The International Research and Consulting Centre (IRCC) is part of the Institute of Federalism of the University of Fribourg and focuses on research, international cooperation and knowledge exchange. Additionally the IRCC provides its expertise to States engaged in democratization or decentralisation processes in the form of consultancy, support for the strengthening of democracy, rule of law, power sharing and the protection of human or minority rights.

Please find attached the flyer of the International Summer University and the flyer of the Internship and consult our website for further information.

Summer University