The objective of the course is to introduce the basic concepts of geopolitical analysis. The course will adopt a multidisciplinary approach that incorporates strategic, geographic, historic, cultural and economic dimensions in order to facilitate a more profound understanding of contemporary international relations. The central themes will include the concepts and methodology of geopolitical analysis, geopolitical schools of thought, identity factors and geopolitical representation, as well as an application of geostrategy and geo-economics. Case studies will be presented on the various geopolitical configurations that significantly impact the current world system. Conferences will be held by leading international experts.

Target group of participants: Persons working for International Organisations and Government Agencies, Diplomats, University Students, Company Managers and other interested individuals.

Dates: Program starts on Monday 11 July and ends on Saturday 16 July 2011.

Duration of the programme: 40 hours.

Place: Domaine de Penthes, 18, Chemin de l’Impératrice, Geneva, Switzerland.

Participation fee: 1800 CHF (900 CHF for students). This fee does not cover travel, accommodation, meals and health insurance fees.

Modules can be arranged if someone can not attend the whole program.

A certificate of participation will be awarded by ICGS upon completion of the course.

Registration form

Deadline for registration: 6 June 2011