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Havighurst Center for Russian and Post-Soviet Studies

Department of Geography

International Studies Program

College of Arts and Science

Office of the Provost

Miami University Organizers

Carl T. Dahlman, Department of Geography

Scott Kenworthy, Department of Comparative Religion

Neringa Klumbyte, Department of Anthropology

Plenary Session Speakers

John Agnew, a political geographer whose work on contemporary configurations of sovereignty and territory includes an examination of the states of the former Yugoslavia.

Robert Donia, a historian at the University of Michigan whose scholarship contributed to his expert testimony in the trials of Slobodan Milosevic and others in The Hague.

Robert Hayden, an anthropologist at the University of Pittsburgh whose work on Yugoslavia’s constitution and dissolution has set important themes for other scholars.

Scope: A two-day multidisciplinary conference promoting new and continuing scholarship on the countries and peoples of the former Yugoslavia. The timing and title of this conference recall the changes wrought by the violence that began two decades ago. We welcome scholarship dealing broadly with the dissolution, changes, and outcomes of the former Yugoslavia, especially the post-Yugoslav scene and its current prospects. We encourage scholars whose work deals with the transformative effects of the last 20 years on the social, political, cultural, and economic life of any part of the former Yugoslavia.

Targeted Participants: The disciplines we hope to have represented include any of the social sciences, humanities, and fine arts. We are especially eager to include younger scholars whose PhD or post-doctoral research draws from new conceptual perspectives and/or empirical sources to shed light on the persistent questions raised by the experience of people living in the former Yugoslavia. Travel support will be provided for select young researchers (see below).

Organization: The conference will utilize an online social networking site to facilitate conference organization, encouraging scholars to engage with each other prior to writing their papers and to share their work during the drafting phase. We expect that this model will help the group develop their ideas more fully while identifying crosscutting themes that will be used for session organization. This model will also help to coalesce diverse perspectives around themes that can be used for publication proposals.

Outcomes: During and after the conference, select young researchers and other invited scholars will be expected to prepare a prospectus for an edited volume or special issues of journals.


November 15. Deadline for abstracts and travel support applications.

February 10. Paper submission. Deadline for fees.

Abstract Submission:

Please send an abstract (250-500 words) outlining the scope of your paper appropriate for a broad scholarly audience. Include your curriculum vitae. Please email to by November 15, 2011.

Selection Criteria:

The conference space limits the number of participants we can accept (approximately 25-30). The organizers seek papers that translate the author’s specialization with the broad themes of the conference. Selection will favor quality scholarship but the organizers will also consider the mix of topics and disciplines represented.

Financial Support for Young Scholars: The organizers have funding to help young scholars attend the conference. We can support up to 12 people and will cover their fees, accommodation, and $500 of their travel expenses. We define young scholars to include PhD (or similar degree) students who are writing their dissertation (ABD) and faculty who have received their terminal degree since 2005. Others may be considered in consideration of specific circumstances, which they should explain in their application. Young scholars seeking support should include with their abstract submission, a written request for support. Awardees will be notified as quickly as possible.

Additional information:

Additional information about the conference will be posted to