The International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS) is looking for a new team for its own Think Tank. We are looking for 16 (sixteen) Political Science students and young researchers aiming at developing their research for the IAPSS Think Tank.

This year’s topic will be Global Governance and New Trends: Analysis and Prospects. In there, researchers will analyse the new geopolitical strategic trends on the global world, under four main geographic subdivisions (corresponding to an equal number of working groups):

1. US Foreign Policy and Asia-Pacific;

2. African and Latin American Political Regimes;

3. The European Union as a global player;

4. The economic rise of the Asian “tigers”

The topics will be addressed by the groups in a policy-oriented perspective. Contributions will be added from various angles: human security, military power, regional cooperation, multilateralism and international organizations, youth and social networks; other relevant related perspectives.

In order to apply, please send us your CV + cover letter containing your motivation to be part of this Think Tank and what you consider to be your main contribution to this Think Tank.

The deadline is set to July 26th. Candidates will get the results of their application by July 29th . We are looking forward to receive your applications.

Best regards,

Ana Isabel Xavier Think Tank Coordinator International Association for Political Science Students

Rodrigo Vaz Head of the Academic Department International Association for Political Science Students